As a mom to 2 boys, and a wife, my priority is making food and experiences that bring my family together and that they love!

If the meals are nutrient dense – that’s a bonus!

I focus on recipes that are family friendly, budget-conscious, and realistic. I also tend to make recipes that have Arabic influence. Part of my family comes from the Middle East, and these flavors and meals are part of our traditions at our home. Exploring other cuisines is also a passion of mine.

The title of the site, Bookish Table, comes from our love of books and food. When my kids were little, to get them to sit and eat their meals I would read books while they ate. We’ve stopped that now that they are past toddler-hood – but the experience of sitting down, reading, and eating is a wonderful memory.

Books are a big part of our lives. We are frequently at the public libraries in our city and we read together nightly.

I hope you find something here that inspires and excites you – either a recipe or a book recommendation.

~ Amelia