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Greens and Citrus Smoothie


I haven’t been cooking anything fun lately – just a lot of random foods pieced together to make a meal. I am, however, obsessed with my new Vitamix, and am making smoothies daily. Here’s a great recipe for you to try if you are interested in trying to incorporate more […]

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Spinach Feta Pie


Yum. This is pretty delicious. And I was very, very happy I made it. These past few weeks have been fun – Alyse, my little sister, came to Seattle to visit for a week. That was incredibly fun b/c we did all the tourist-y things that N and I hadn’t […]

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Basil Stuffed Chicken Breasts


So it’s hot here. I guess that’s my punishment for complaining that it didn’t feel like summer here in the Pacific NW. Touché karma. This heat has me dreading cooking….but a girl’s gotta eat! And BTW – just so you realize I am not exaggerating too much – it’s 90 […]

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Black Bean Soup

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With this cold weather I am constantly in the mood for soup – most recently I’ve been obsessed with the Pho from the North Market here in Columbus – but in an attempt to resist going daily I am trying to branch out and get my soup fix at home. […]