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Basil Stuffed Chicken Breasts


So it’s hot here. I guess that’s my punishment for complaining that it didn’t feel like summer here in the Pacific NW. Touché karma. This heat has me dreading cooking….but a girl’s gotta eat! And BTW – just so you realize I am not exaggerating too much – it’s 90 […]

Chicken, Dinner, Low Carb

Chicken Thighs w. Lemon and Rosemary


This is one of those great weeknight meals that makes you happy for a few different reasons. Number 1: it’s delicious. 2: it is easy. 3: there are so few ingredients. 4. Easy cleanup. 5. It’s economical. Love it! I like to use this recipe for whole chicken’s….see the Orange […]

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Guacamole w. Basil and Shallots


In honor of Cinco de Mayo – here’s a unique take on guacamole. It’s basically an Italian-ish version of guacamole. I made this last year for a few of my friends….we ate it with crusty Italian bread….so delicious. You can also serve this with chicken breasts, chips, or veggies. Seriously….so […]

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Broccoli Italian Salad


So I took a few weeks sabbatical on accident…Two weeks ago I was having a hard time with getting my eating and working out regimen back on track – and had given in to temptations numerous times and even made a demonically delicious calorie-laden pasta for myself that week as an […]