Roast, Side Dish, Vegetable

Roasted Butternut Squash


Whoa – hello fall! Here in Ohio the weather has turned cold and the leaves are changing – fall has definitely arrived! Actually the weather is pretty fabulous – I love when the leaves change and the night air is super crisp…so fabulous. It just lends itself to warm, cozy, […]

Dinner, Lamb, Roast

Lamb Shanks with Rosemary Gravy


A few weekends ago I went up to Cleveland for my grandma and grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary. How freaking amazing is that? They have a great relationship – it’s one of those marriages that people envy. We had some delicious Spanish inspired food at a restaurant in downtown Cleveland – […]

Beef, Roast

Adobo Beef Stew


OK I know – it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new – but I have good excuses! Last week was the longest week of my life at work (yes I realize how very dramatic that statement is) and then N and I went to Chicago over the weekend […]