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Grill, Lamb

Grilled Lamb Kebabs marinated in vinegar


Easy grilled lamb recipe. Marinated using apple cider vinegar to create the most tender and delicious kebab.

Chicken, Dinner, Low Carb

Chicken Thighs w. Lemon and Rosemary


This is one of those great weeknight meals that makes you happy for a few different reasons. Number 1: it’s delicious. 2: it is easy. 3: there are so few ingredients. 4. Easy cleanup. 5. It’s economical. Love it! I like to use this recipe for whole chicken’s….see the Orange […]

Low Carb, salad, Vegetable

Broccoli Italian Salad


So I took a few weeks sabbatical on accident…Two weeks ago I was having a hard time with getting my eating and working out regimen back on track – and had given in to temptations numerous times and even made a demonically delicious calorie-laden pasta for myself that week as an […]